Welcome to “From Stress To Joy!”

We Honor & Celebrate Our Creator’s Unique Expression of Each and Everyone of Us,

To Promote A Health & Wellness LIFESTYLE of JOY For All. 

So, What Does “Flow” Mean?

“Flow” is our unique path each of us is programmed with before birth, to reach our ultimate potential to “be ALL we can be.”  It is the path of least resistance that follows our joy, innate talents and gifts to serve others and create a better world. 

From Stress To Joy’s”  mission throughout this site, is to show you how to find your “flow” and thus your JOY, through a journey to discover techniques, skills and products that will heal your mind-body to reveal your true self and vibrant well-being.

You will Create Your Joyful Life By Releasing Stress

and Replacing it With ALL That Brings You JOY.

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Let Our Journey Begin to FLOW. . .

To Create Joy For Ourselves, Joy For Our Loved Ones and Joy For Our World


The short pages of From Stress To Joy contain the Foundational Concepts to Heal the Whole Self in order to Flow To Your Joy. The Blog-Keys and Newsletters, as well as the “ToolBox” contain the KEYS to products to accomplish this inspiring pursuit. So read on, my friends, to understand the basics. . . Then sign-up for our FREE weekly newsletter, “Flow to Joy” to get the KEYS to the “what, why, when and how” of our new products.


We have combined the five aspects of well-being with four aspects of personal development to bring forth a broader perspective of human development from basic survival to a thriving, inspiring, productive and joyful life.  These “aspect-categories” are found in the top menu bar as follows:

1) Love Yourself Infinitely

1a) Caring for Your Sacred Body Temple

1b) Caring for Your Emotional Body

1c) Nurturing Your Self-Worth/Power

2) Love Others As Yourself

2a) Belonging and Social Connections

2b) Honoring Our Sacred Earth Connection

3) Your Spiritual Connections

3a) Realizing Your Full Potential/Spiritual Connection

3b) Appreciating Sacred Spaces

3c) Creating Sacred Spaces

4) ToolBox

4a) Love Yourself Infinitely Tools

4b) Love Others As Yourself Tools

4c) Your Spiritual Connections Tools

*The Five Aspects of Well-Being and the Four Aspects of Personal Development are further explained below and within each page and blog post coming your way. . .

We ALL desperately need a shift in our perspective of  “How Things Have Always Been Done” to “How We CAN Create Our Joyful, Fulfilling Lives Without Living in Fear and Doubt.”


 Many tools have been gathered on CrystaLin Joy’s  long, arduous journey that have worked wonders for her.  It is her deepest desire to share these tools with you, to help you to heal (without the blind struggle) your physical bodies, emotional bodies, self-worth issues, and disconnected hearts.  As you learn about these product-tools and how they can help you, please remember, you are ultimately in charge of your Life-Choices. Thus it is important to use the “Tools” appropriately and consistently to actualize your goals.  It is your INTENT, dedication to your personal growth journey, and perseverance in achieving your goals to “BE All You Can Be” for your own highest good, and the highest good for ALL. When you align your goals and intentions for prosperity on all levels, with the Universal Love for All Creation, your Life will begin to “FLOW to Joy.” 

JOY Radiates From True Health and Beauty 

Which Stems from Five Aspects of Well-Being:

1) Physical Needs  2) Emotional-Safety Needs  3) Self-Worth and Power Needs (Governed by the MIND)  4) Belonging and Social Connections  5) Actualization of Our Full Potential and Spiritual Connection.



We will address each of these in FSTJ’s  four personal development pages below and the menu tabs above; as well as within our “Flow To Joy” newsletter blog-keys.  Subscribe to check them out to Create Your own “FLOW” to Your Most Joyful Life!

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1) Love Yourself Infinitely

2) Love Others as Yourself

3) Your Spiritual Connections

4) Inspiring Images


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Homepage Disclaimer: Please listen to your own intuition and knowledge of yourself first. Always ask Your Doctor, Health Care Practitioner, Counselor, etc., “Is this right for me?” “Will it help me be a healthier, more aware, kinder person?” If Our Journey is Right for You, then Enjoy Your Journey To Realizing Your Full Potential! From Stress To Joy is not responsible for your decisions regarding the use of our well-intentioned general information for health and well-being. Each of Us is ultimately responsible for our own well-being through our wise choices from All sources, adjusted for our unique individual needs. *Please see Our Legal Disclaimer below.

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 If Our Journey is NOT Right for You, Thank You for Stopping By ~ May Your Life’s Journey Bring You ALL That You Desire.  Many Blessings to You ALL.  The FSTJ Team

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