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It Takes A Village. . .

By CrystaLin Joy

As We Are Born Helpless Into This World, It Is Imperative That We Are Loved, Cared For and Bonded With Our Primary Family.  

However, we must ALL Remember that our children Are A GIFT.  Children are born into this world to express their own gifts for the benefit of ALL.  NOT for their parents to place “all their hopes and dreams” on their child’s shoulders to bring to their own reality to PLEASE them.  THAT is the parent’s responsibility to create for their own reality ~ NOT the child’s.  

That does not mean that parents cannot talk to their children about their hopes and dreams.  Nor prevent them from taking on their parent’s projects out of love for them ~ however, unless it matches the child’s own dreams, parents are trespassing on the child’s sacred life purpose.

Thus, it is important to guide and nurture our precious children to “BE ALL They Were Created To BE.”  To do this well, it takes many mentors to guide and nurture these young, precious children.

Social Connection Naturally Arises From the Extension of the Primary Family: The Extended Family, The Mentors, Teachers, and Friends.  Like attracts like, and people gravitate towards others that bring them Joy and nurture them on their Journey to actualize their potential.


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