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“Honoring Our Sacred Earth Connection”  

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*Note: The Sunlit, Water-Carved, Sandstone Earth Cave Background Facilitates Compassion Through Oneness. To Read With EASE, Micro-SCROLL Up and Down to Move the White Text out of White Areas of the Background.

You Were Born Onto This Beautiful Planet To Experience ALL Relationships to Facilitate Your Journey Into the Light to Become a Truly Compassionate Being.

By CrystaLin Joy


This includes our beautiful Mother Earth herself as well as ALL Creatures that live upon, within, and above Her.  We ALL have the same physical and emotional needs and thus require consideration and compassion.

Science is finally catching up. . .Humans are not the only sentient beings on the planet (beings that perceive and feel things).  Elephants, Dolphins, Whales, Parrots, Crows, Canines and Felines and many more grieve the loss of loved ones AND use tools.  

Become the Observer of Nature around you ~ you will be surprised how smart our furred and feathered friends are.  Have a Heart ~ We All share the same planet, help them when you can.


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    • 1b) Caring For Your Emotional Body
    • 1c) Nurturing Your Self-Worth/Power
  • 2) Love Others As Yourself:
    • 2a) Belonging & Social Connection
    • 2b) Honoring Our Sacred Earth Connection
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    • 3a) Realizing Your Full Potential/Spiritual Connection
    • 3b) Appreciating Sacred Spaces
    • 3c) Creating Sacred Spaces
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