“Love Yourself Infinitely”

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*Note:  The WISE SAGE (yes, it IS a Russian Sage Flower) Facilitates Your Understanding of This Critically Important Information.  To Read With EASE, Micro-SCROLL Up and Down to Move the White Text out of White Areas of the Background.

How In the World Do We Love Ourselves Infinitely?

By CrystaLin Joy

You must recognize “Who You Really Are” ~ then you will be able to appreciate and care lovingly for yourself.

You are Amazing!  

You Are Far more Powerful

than You Think You Are.  

Your Creator Created YOU

to be the Creator of Your Own Life.

Your First Responsibility is to Love Yourself Infinitely, Truly and Deeply, Unconditionally Accepting ALL That You Are:  Your Physical Body,  Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, Your Choices, Your Experiences and Actions-Reactions.  Make the Decision, No Matter What, You Will LOVE Yourself!

Now, I Know This is a TALL Order! I Had to Learn to Do This to Begin to Heal my Body-Mind.  They ARE Intimately Connected.  So, if you do not experience Vibrant Health, and your Doctor/Health Care Practitioner says “You are fine,” know that your Immune System is compromised by “cellular memory” that stores ALL the perceived injustices heaped on the body-mind from both yourself and others.  Cultivating a Vibrantly Resilient Immune System has many facets in Creating Your new Healthy Body-Mind.  We will talk about those in upcoming posts.

 As Kamal Ravikant says in his life-saving book: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It!   The quality of your Life DOES Depend on it.  Kamal gives simple instructions to his “Loop” and “7 Minute Meditation” that created “Magic” in his life.  I highly recommend this resource – it’s short, concise, and very easy to read.  It will certainly bring more joy to your life.

Check it out  ~ Click the Link in the Sidebar ⇒

To Begin, We Must Start with Ourselves ~ for we cannot give to others until we can love and honor ALL that WE ARE.  (You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying “You can’t give from an empty cup.”  So it is with your Body’s Energy System. You must Fill your Cup to Overflowing and Keep it Full, so that you will have Enough to Give to Others. When YOU Are OVERFLOWING with Love for Yourself, your Health and Vitality become RADIANT so your Love spills over to love and honor All living beings and our Precious Mother Earth that sustains and inspires us. . .

To DO this we must learn to “take time” for ourselves.  To be alone, focused on healing, strengthening, calming our innermost being.  Time is not always “fixed” ~ it is available in those small moments when we are “waiting,” or “transitioning” to other activities.  It can be fixed for our morning and evening rituals, but used productively by “filling in the gaps” as we go about our day.  Kamal’s method is short, super simple, and very effective – check out his easy to read small book.  Just DO IT!  You’ll be Glad you did!


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