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Did You Know?  Your Emotions Are Controlled By Your Thoughts.  

By CrystaLin Joy


That means that as you become aware of your actions and reactions, you CAN create your reality.

Becoming the “Watcher” of your thoughts as you act or react to environmental stresses, is KEY to Creating Your Joyful Life.  As one of my favorite mentors, Bob Proctor, says “YOU are NOT your thoughts…your body…You HAVE thoughts…You HAVE a Body…”  

YOU are the “I Am” (NOT the I AM-God-Spirit of ALL That IS), your “Higher Self” that is experiencing this life on Earth in your Sacred Body Temple, to learn to be a more loving, compassionate, creative being.  YOU are a co-creator with your Creator, here on Earth’s training ground to learn to CHOOSE your Way back to the LoveLight of ALL That IS.  You HAVE the ability to train your mind to perceive the bigger picture ~ the “Good in All Creation.”  It is a Choice.  As you choose to FOCUS on the good (wonderful, amazing) things you WANT in Your Joyful Life, the Universe responds by bringing more and more good experiences into your reality.  Your FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) of bad/traumatic experiences will begin to fade away…

Stay tuned . . .We’ll be sharing remedies and tools to help you FOCUS on what you WANT to Create on your Journey to Joy.


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