Welcome To “Caring For Your

Sacred Body Temple”

From Stress To Joy‘s 1st Aspect in “Love Yourself Infinitely”

By CrystaLin Joy

All The Self-Care You Will Learn and Implement

Is Based On The Remembrance of

“The Innocent Child Within.”

You were given a body to house your amazing, creative and ever-seeking “Truth” Spirit.  You are NOT your body.  Your body is the vehicle that allows your Spirit to experience Life on Earth, as you choose to perceive your many options through the filters of your childhood programming.

Your Willingness to Love and Care For Yourself Is Rooted in Your Love and Compassion For The Innocent Child Born Into This World As YOU.  That Child STILL Resides In Your Heart.   As You Care For Your Body, Remember It Is The Child You Are Tenderly Ministering. Be Gentle With Yourself ~ You Are Infinitely Precious.


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  • 1) Love Yourself Infinitely:
    • 1a) Caring For Your Sacred Body Temple
    • 1b) Caring For Your Emotional Body
    • 1c) Nurturing Your Self-Worth/Power
  • 2) Love Others As Yourself:
    • 2a) Belonging & Social Connection
    • 2b) Honoring Our Sacred Earth Connection
  • 3) Your Spiritual Connections:
    • 3a) Realizing Your Full Potential/Spiritual Connection
    • 3b) Appreciating Sacred Spaces
    • 3c) Creating Sacred Spaces
  • 4) ToolBox
    • Love Yourself Tools
    • Love Others As Yourself Tools
    • Your Spiritual Connections Tools

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