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We Are Programmed From Infancy To Believe That Our Self-Worth Depends on the Approval of Others.  

By CrystaLin Joy


Our beautiful, innocent children are literally squeezed and pushed from the “Bliss of the Womb” through the birth canal into a loud, noisy, harshly lit world that traumatizes their senses.  Further, this world has expectations for their behavior that are extremely confining when compared to the tranquility of floating in the womb.  As our children grow, more and more expectations for their “proper behavior” are  demanded.

Of course,  parents and society do this as a measure of  “protecting their young, naive children from harm while shaping them into productive citizens.”  However, it is counter-productive as the child grows up as it tends to dampen their desire to BE who they really are.  Unless their parents are very aware of this fact, and consciously instill in their child,  “that while their choices will always have consequences, they still have the right and responsibility to BE who they really are as long as they do not cause harm to anyone or anything, including themselves.”

For those of us that were not taught this,  it  is a challenge to grasp that we are inherently valuable.  We are NOT our parents ~ we come through our parents as a Gift From God, Our Creator of ALL That IS, to express ourselves as God intended.  Everyone of us has unique gifts to offer our world.  Those gifts came from our Creator for us to help create a better, more joyful world.

While this article is about “Self-Worth and Power,”  these aspects of the Self are essentially ruled by the MIND that has been sabotaged with this childhood programming. The misconceived perceptions of the innocent child’s MIND create many obstacles for their success in Life: The ability to love and be loved; the feeling of worthiness and value in the world; the ability to be successful in achieving goals for prosperity; the ability to create long-lasting relationships, and on and on. . .  It is from these challenges that we grow stronger, wiser, more compassionate and more loving, as we overcome them.  

Please note that it is the MIND that must be re-programmed through commitment and perseverance in finding the negative programming that holds us back from our JOY, releasing that old programming, and replacing it with life affirming and success promoting belief systems that bring us JOY, peace and harmony.

From Stress To Joy has Tools for reprogramming the mind . . . stay tuned for the KEYS in our Blog Posts and Newsletters.  Here is ONE Key CrystaLin Joy developed that will help.  Enjoy!

***I Am an Expression of God as Me

Search Your Heart and Soul to Find Your Unique Gifts That Will Help You to Create Your Joyful Life and World That FLOWS With Well-Being, Abundance and Prosperity On All Levels.



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