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Our Toolbox is a catagorized space of the Tools you will enjoy to care for your Sacred Body Temple, Emotional Body, The “Mind” that Governs Self-Worth & Power, Social-Spiritual Connections, & Sacred Spaces Aspects of Well Being and Personal Development.


*This page is dedicated to helping you learn about and select the “right” tool-products for your ultimate journey to joy by presenting the “facts” about each tool.  You will find the tool-products to purchase in our ToolBox Shop.

CrystaLin Joy spent twenty-five years researching, collecting and testing amazing tools for maximum effectiveness in achieving vibrant health  and well-being on all levels. She searched for “what” tools were available ~ the best of these for healing and ease of use.  “Why” we need these tools to heal, and “how” to use these tools most efficiently.  “When” to use these tools for your well-being, and “where” to use the tools (private, public, portable.)  The tools we share with YOU are current, updated versions of these wonderful tools, presented within each category for your easy access.


FLOW to Vibrant Health, Abundant Prosperity & Infinite Joy in Your Life!



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