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“Appreciating Sacred Spaces”

From Stress To Joy’s 2nd Aspect of  “Your Spiritual Connections”

Make Time to Visit Places That Tug at Your Heart

By CrystaLin Joy

As an Avid Hobby Photographer, This Aspect of  “Sacred Spaces” Is My Favorite! My Body-Mind-Spirit LOVES Getting Away to “Re-Fresh My Perspective” ~ Reconnect with Nature. 

Our City, County Parks, Arboretums, Nature Reserves and Trails, The Rural Countryside ~ Wherever Nature calls to you IS Sacred Space If you observe and listen with your heart.  My favorites are the mountains and waterfalls (We live near Yosemite and the Majestic, Ancient Sequoia Trees, Lake Tahoe and Mount Shasta), and the beautiful California Coast, where the Ancient Redwood Grandfather Trees are.

I Am Truly Blessed ~ And Am Eternally Grateful. . .

Mother Earth is incredibly diverse and has many, many special places for each of us.  Where is YOUR favorite get-away that rejuvenates your body-mind-spirit?

Make time to visit the places that touch your heart to revitalize your body-mind.  Your outlook on life, productivity, and vitality will improve immensely. 


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