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“Creating Sacred Spaces”

From Stress To Joy‘s 3rd Aspect of  “Your Spiritual Connections”

Surround Yourself with Images of Your Greatest Joys and Connections,

By CrystaLin Joy

In remembering to honor yourself, part of creating sacred space in your living-working spaces, is to create Immersion in that which is joyful and sacred to you. We do this through images and objects that we Love ~ that touch our Soul and call to our Highest Self to create ALL that brings forth our Highest Good and the Highest Good for ALL.

This will bring you immeasurable joy and a feeling of being connected to something larger than yourself.  It creates “belonging” and ”a place in the world” for you, bringing a sense of safety and the sacred.  At work, it brings a calmness that fosters inspiration and creativity.  This creates a place where you can BE yourself, relax, and FEEL at home. It is Your Legacy To All.


Creating Sacred Space is about making room for a quiet, serene place to unwind, let go and let yourself BE.  Nature is the best de-stresser ~ available to us ALL.  A quiet space is a place of joy and well-being.  It can be a simple or elaborate design as your budget allows.  Follow your Heart. . .

My entire back and side yard is Sacred Space. Flower gardens, raised vegetable gardens, An arbor with a panoramic view,  Finch feeders, Hummingbird feeders, bird (squirrel) feeders., All the things I love surround me.  My cats even have a beautiful Catio to enjoy the garden, yet keep the birds, bunnies and squirrels safe.  

Indoor Sacred Spaces are also important for our well-being.  Surround yourself  with things you LOVE ~ Create the connection with All that brings out your Highest Self.

I use my bedroom for this Sacred Space ~ I bring Nature IN via plants,  favorite images and precious objects.  Sleeping In this space is very rejuvenating!  It is totally private and set up to allow comfortable meditation and study for personal growth.  My personal growth and spiritual libraries, Angels, Guides, and Crystals Create An Amazing Peaceful Place of Joy For Me.

Listen to your Heart ~ Read articles and books that tug at your Heart, Pay attention to the vibration or resonance that calls to you from various objects and images.  You will KNOW what to do. . .

Magnolia, Arbor & Bench

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High Back Arm Chair in Enclosed Garden

Meditation Swing & Fountain Pool


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