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Let’s Get Past the Politics ~ The People’s Hearts

Are Connected. . .

By CrystaLin Joy

There seems to be a dichotomy in belief systems arising across the Earth today.  Either people believe in their very separate “Gods,” rituals, and traditions that share the concept that “you are “evil” if you do not embrace my belief,” OR they believe in a more personal God that does not require rituals that follow the old traditions and allows for more divergent thinking and belief systems that accept All living beings as inherently “good.”  Yet, they ALL have commonalities in basic commandments for moral behavior.  Our HEARTS are ALL connected, IF we can just get past the politics.  

At this point, I would like to bring us back to our main goal: “Creating Your Joyful Life.” It is a journey to embracing “All that You Are.” The main aspects of this endeavor are expressed in “Love Yourself Infinitely,” Love Others as Yourself,” and here we are in “Realizing your Full Potential through Your Spiritual Connections.” It is really no surprise that our Spirituality drives the whole, which will require you to open your mind to new concepts and ideas.  To challenge you to explore new ways of thinking and being.

Our main premise throughout this website is that there exists a universal power or energy that is greater than you, me, and All of Creation. That same energy created All that is, you, me, and all living beings on our beloved planet Earth we call home. That energy created our beautiful Mother Earth in All Her splendor to fill our needs for life and to inspire us.  It created the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and the cosmos, the angels and the heavens.  That energy connects All of of Creation.

That energy has many names: Life-force Energy, Universal Power/Energy, God, The Creator, AUM, Jehovah, El Shaddai, Buddha, Almighty God, and many, many more for whatever inspires people across the earth.  It is our separate languages, cultures, environments and those that are in power, that dictate what we call our God and how we worship or honor that god.  (Today, there is a Money God called “Greed” that has no compassion or understanding of the true nature of Life that honors All That IS.) No matter where you are on the spirituality continuum, trust that you are not alone.  There is a force greater than all of us that creates, aligns and guides our human lives and all life as we know it and beyond. We All have the power to “decide” or “change our mind” and commit to creating a better life for ourselves and others.

That same force that creates “Life,” our Sun that shines on us to warm us and provide sunlight to nurture and grow all  living things, creates mountains, meadows and forests, oceans and seas, creeks and rivers, clouds that bring rain to grow green grass, and all vegetation. This Life-force Energy wags a dog’s tail to gladden our day, shapes the meow of a cat to tug at our heart, creates beautiful melodious songbirds for us to enjoy and dolphins to make us smile. It creates rainbows, music, and fills us with love that binds friends and family, creates mysterious events and miraculous healings, fulfills dreams and so very much more ~ ALL out of Love for All. 

For the purposes of this website, I will call this Life-force Energy that is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, “Our Creator of All That IS,” or just “Our Creator.”


“Out of pure compassion, I, the Divine One who dwells in All, set alight in their hearts the blazing lamp of wisdom.” . . .Bhagavad Gita (10:11)

 Perhaps if we took a grander view, we might see that Our Creator of ALL That IS, IS So IMMENSE that Our Creator might become Bored if everything were the SAME.  (I hear my Angels laughing!) Perhaps it IS OK that we have different names and practices for the One Creator…After all, each of us is totally unique, so why is it not OK to be unique in our love and appreciation of our Creator?  

Not only are we intimately connected to the Earth, but we are also connected to the Heavens that tug at our hearts to remember something we seem to have forgotten…  


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